• What You Should Know About Hearing Tests and Hearing Aid Fittings
    Good hearing is a precious thing. It can help you be more alert, productive, and receptive to the world around you. If your hearing ability has declined, you might need Read more
  • Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea
    Sleep apnea, one of the common sleep disorders in the United States, occurs when your breathing is interrupted during sleep. Here at Ear, Nose, Throat St Peters Balloon Sinuplasty (with Read more
  • Could a Ballon Sinuplasty Help Me?
    Chronic sinusitis is an uncomfortable, even debilitating infection of air-filled passages in the facial area of the skull. When medications and non-invasive therapies fail, your St. Luke's Hospital ENT doctor, Read more
  • Symptoms of an Ear Infection and Treatment Options
    Pain, hearing loss, fever, and even a change in balance could indicate an ear infection. Affecting the outer part of the ear, the middle ear structures or the inner ear, Read more
  • Allergy Treatment FAQ
    Allergies are very common, affecting as many as 24 million Americans according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. As common as allergies may be, many patients still Read more
  • The Solutions for Sleep Apnea
    Don’t leave your sleep apnea untreated. Better quality sleep can be yours. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes either shallow breathing or pauses in breathing while asleep. This means that Read more
  • Hearing Testing and Hearing Aid Fittings
    If you are having trouble hearing, it is a good idea to undergo a hearing test and be fitted for a hearing test, if needed. Hearing aids improve your ability Read more
  • What Causes Hoarseness?
    Have a hoarse voice? Hoarseness is an abnormal change in your voice. When hoarse, your voice may sound strained, breathy, or raspy. Dr. Paul Burk at Ear Nose Throat St Read more
  • Common Signs of Hearing Loss
    Are you having trouble hearing people? You could be dealing with hearing loss. While most people associate hearing loss with older individuals, anyone can develop hearing loss from children to senior Read more
  • Are You Dealing With An Ear Infection?
    Find out if you or a loved one is dealing with an ear infection. Yikes! You woke up with a nasty earache that seemed to have arrived almost out of the Read more
  • What is Balloon Sinuplasty?
    You’re not alone if you’ve been experiencing chronic sinusitis symptoms. Approximately 26.9 million Americans have this issue according to the CDC. The sinuses tend to flare up in certain seasons, including Read more
  • Welcome to Our Blog
    Welcome to the Blog of St Peters (Balloon Sinusplasty) St Peters (Balloon Sinusplasty) would like to welcome you to our blog. Here you will find informative and useful postings about otolaryngology Read more

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