Allergy Treatment FAQ

Allergies are very common, affecting as many as 24 million Americans according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. As common as allergies may be, many patients still struggle with significant daily challenges due to the symptoms. Some Allergyallergies can be so disruptive to your lifestyle that they could cause you to miss out on work, school, or your social life. If your allergy symptoms are getting out of control, seek consultation and treatment at Ear Nose Throat St Peters Balloon Sinuplasty in St. Louis, Bridgeton, and St. Luke's Hospital, MO.

What Are Common Allergy Symptoms?
Allergies don’t have one well-defined cause, but they may be genetic in nature or triggered by certain environmental factors. Sensitivity to allergies could also be related to stress or diet. These are some common symptoms that allergy patients report:

- Sneezing, coughing, and other cold-like symptoms.
- Tightening or restricting of the throat (common for food allergies).
- Painful, blistering skin rashes.
- Swelling of the face, limbs, or hands.
- Watery, irritated eyes, or a single eye that tears up repeatedly (common for pollen allergies).

How Can an ENT Treat Allergies?
The first step to treating allergies is to know what is causing them. Your St. Louis, Bridgeton, and St. Luke's Hospital, ENT will do a blood test or skin prick test to determine the substances that are triggering your allergies. Medications called antihistamines are available that can counteract allergic reactions and reduce the time that they last. Your doctor can prescribe the specific medication that will best treat your specific case. 

Is There a Way to “Cure” Allergies?
Generally, allergies can only be treated by a doctor, not cured. Allergy symptoms can abate for months or even years, and then show up again unexpectedly due to some type of unexpected environmental trigger. A long-term treatment called immunotherapy is helping some patients have a lowered sensitivity to allergens over time. You’ll visit the doctor’s office for injections according to a pre-determined schedule.

How to Set an Appointment with an ENT
Treatment for your allergies starts with a consultation and checkup at Ear Nose Throat St Luke Balloon Sinuplasty. Call today to schedule a visit with Dr. Paul Burk at his St. Louis, Bridgeton, or St. St. Luke's Hospital, office.

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