Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea, one of the common sleep disorders in the United States, occurs when your breathing is interrupted during sleep. Here at Ear, Nose, Throat St Peters Balloon Sinuplasty (with offices in St. Luke's Hospital, St. Louis, MO, and Bridgeton, MO), we regularly diagnose and Man With Sleep Apneatreat this condition. Here are five signs that you may have sleep apnea.

1. Pauses in Breathing: Sleep apnea causes people to stop breathing during the night, with cessations lasting from a few seconds to minutes at a time. These pauses in breathing are often followed by choking or gasping noises as the body's respiratory system fights through the blockage.

2. Loud Snoring: If you have sleep apnea, there is a good chance that you may snore loudly during the night. Over time, this snoring may get louder and happen more often. Snoring can cause sleep disruptions for both you and your partner.

3. Daytime Sleepiness: Another sign of sleep apnea is excessive sleepiness during the day, especially during the moments of the day when you are not especially active. Individuals with excessive daytime sleepiness are at risk of motor vehicle crashes and occupational injuries.

4. Morning Headaches: If you often wake up with headaches, sleep apnea may be to blame. For apnea patients, the airway becomes completely or partially blocked during sleep. Because of this closure, the amount of oxygen being transported to your brain is decreased, which puts you at risk for headaches.

5. Mood Problems: Sleep apnea may cause mood swings, irritability, personality changes, and depression. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, getting screened for sleep apnea may help you to identify the root cause of your symptoms. Sleep apnea treatment can significantly improve your quality of life and mood.

Sleep apnea can harm your health. People who don’t get treated for sleep apnea face a higher risk of high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, and other health problems. Don't wait—call one of our offices in St. Luke, St. Louis, or Bridgeton today to schedule an appointment.

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