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By Ear, Nose, Throat & Plastic Surgery, Inc.
July 12, 2018
Category: ENT Care
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Are you having trouble hearing people? You could be dealing with hearing loss.hearing loss

While most people associate hearing loss with older individuals, anyone can develop hearing loss from children to senior citizens. While it might seem obvious to tell whether or not you are dealing with hearing loss, sometimes the problem is gradual enough that you might not even notice it right away. So, what are the warning signs of hearing loss? Our St. Luke's Hospital, otolaryngologist Dr. Paul Burk is here to tell you what to be on the lookout for.

What are the signs of hearing loss?

Hearing loss is often slow and gradual, which means that it isn’t always obvious when someone starts experiencing issues with hearing loss. Common warning signs that you might be experiencing hearing loss include:

  • Turning the volume up on the radio or television in order to hear it
  • Asking people to repeat themselves often
  • Having trouble understanding or hearing people in noisy settings
  • Difficulty hearing people over the phone
  • Reading lips in order to understand what they are saying
  • Thinking people are often mumbling

These symptoms can affect a person emotionally and socially, significantly impacting their relationship with friends and family. Think about it. You sit down to enjoy a relaxing dinner with friends and suddenly you realize that you can’t pay attention or understand anything those around you are saying because you only seem to notice the clanking of utensils, the bustling of the waiters and the white noise of the restaurant. You feel isolated from your friends as they laugh and enjoy rousing conversation. This is what living with hearing loss feels like.

Our ENT doctor in St. Luke's Hospital, doesn’t want you to feel left out of the excitement of your own life, which is why if you are experiencing any of the symptoms above it’s important that you get a hearing evaluation as soon as possible. Putting off treatment for hearing loss is not a good idea, as it can take your ears longer to adjust to a hearing aid. The sooner we fit you for a hearing aid the sooner you’ll be able to feel more present in your social life.

Are you having trouble hearing those around you clearly? Do you have to blast your headphones or television? If so, it’s important to turn to our ENT specialists in St. Luke's Hospital, who can provide you with a thorough hearing evaluation and help restore hearing. Don’t wait to get this problem addressed.

By Ear, Nose, Throat & Plastic Surgery, Inc.
July 09, 2018
Category: ENT Care
Tags: Ear Infection  

Find out if you or a loved one is dealing with an ear infection.ear infection

Yikes! You woke up with a nasty earache that seemed to have arrived almost out of the blue. Could it be an ear infection? Ear infections often show up suddenly and without much warning. They may appear on their own or as a complication of a respiratory infection such as a cold. Of course, it’s important that you know when to visit your St. Peters, MO, ENT doctor Dr. Paul Burk for care.

Childhood Ear Infections

While a child that is old enough to speak will tell you whether they are experiencing ear pain, pressure or difficulty hearing, this isn’t possible for babies and toddlers who can’t tell you what’s going on. In this case, it’s important to be able to check the nonverbal cues that could be trying to tell you that your little one might be dealing with an ear infection.

One of the most common signs is that your child may frequently tug and pull at the affected ear. They may become more irritable and fussy and they may have difficulty sleeping through the night because of the pain. In some cases, an earache may also be accompanied by a fever. If you notice that your little one suddenly seems like they aren’t hearing you, you need to take them in to see their St. Peters, MO, otolaryngologist right away.

Adult Ear Infections

Most people will know that they have an ear infection because they will suddenly notice a sharp, stabbing or continuous pain in the ear. The ear may also feel full and, as a result, sound may be muffled.

While symptoms may go away on their own, if you are dealing with severe pain or difficulty hearing you may require antibiotics to effectively treat the infection. Of course, if pain doesn’t go away after a couple of days, or if your symptoms are accompanied by a fever, then it’s time to see the doctor.

If you or your little one is dealing with an earache it’s important that you have a doctor you can turn to for the answers. Call our St. Luke's Hospital office right away and we will get you to see Dr. Burk as soon as possible.