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By Ear, Nose, Throat & Plastic Surgery, Inc.
April 25, 2019
Category: ENT Condition
Tags: Ear Infection  

Treating an ear infection is a relatively straightforward process that provides you with the relief that you need from pain and discomfort. EarInfectionLack of prompt treatment for an ear problem could lead to further complications, including hearing loss, so it is best to see your ENT in Des Peres, De Paul, or St. Peters, MO, for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible if you suspect that you may have the condition!

Ear Infection Causes
There are three different types of ear infections: outer (Otitis Externa), middle (Otitis Media), and inner (Otitis Interna). The type of ear infection that you have will likely indicate the cause. Outer ear infections are usually caused by contact with outer elements (water, dirt, or allergens) that cause inflammation. Middle ear infections can be viral or bacterial, and are often caused by an allergic reaction from food or blockage inside the ear. Inner ear infections are related to other types of infections that are present in the body, such as sinusitis or tooth decay.

Treatments for Ear Infections
The way that your ENT in Des Peres, De Paul, or St. Peters, MO, decides to treat an ear infection will vary depending on the cause. In most cases, the solution will be antibiotic therapy (pills or eardrops). An analgesic eardrop medication may also help with pain. Some middle ear infections may have to be resolved by having a drainage tube surgically inserted to release fluids.

Ear Care Information
After diagnosing and treating your ear infection, your ENT will provide you with information about how to best care for your ears. Observe these simple tips to avoid future ear infections:

- When swimming, use earplugs to minimize the amount of water that sits on the ear.
- Keep objects out of your ear (especially children, as they are more prone to ear infections).
- Wash and sanitize your hands and fingers often.
- Avoid tobacco smoke.
- Have sinusitis, colds or the flu, tooth decay, and other infections promptly treated.

Your ENT Can Help
If you’re having symptoms that could be related to an ear infection, let an ENT check you out. Call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Burk at one of his offices in Des Peres, De Paul, or St Peters, MO. Dial (314) 821-5002 for St. Peters/Des Peres, and (314) 770-0708 for De Paul.

By Ear, Nose, Throat & Plastic Surgery, Inc.
April 08, 2019
Category: Hearing Loss
Tags: Hearing Aids  

Good hearing is a precious thing. It can help you be more alert, productive, and receptive to the world around you. If your hearing ability hearing aidhas declined, you might need to have your ears tested to see if you should be wearing a hearing aid. Dr. Paul Burk at Ear Nose Throat St Peters Balloon Sinuplasty in St. Peters, MO, St. Louis, MO, and Bridgeton, MO, can see you for the necessary tests and a hearing aid fitting.

About Hearing Loss
Hearing loss can happen to anyone at any age, from newborns to seniors. Babies are sometimes born with hearing problems, while older adults can develop issues due to inner or middle ear damage, infections, illnesses, or aging. Some cases of hearing loss happen slowly over a period of months or years, while some people experience a sudden loss of hearing from a specific event. In some cases, it is temporary, but in cases of permanent hearing loss, all modern treatments must be explored.

Hearing Testing
A hearing test conducted by your ENT will determine if you may need treatment or assistance with your hearing. The test is called an audiometry exam and is very easy to administer. You’ll wear headphones while Dr. Burk gives you instructions. This test will help him determine what kind of hearing loss you’ve experienced (conductive, sensorineural, central nervous system, or a mix of issues). Additional tests may be administered to get more conclusive results.

Hearing Aid Fittings
If your hearing level is below normal, a hearing aid may be the best solution. It’s a device that amplifies common sounds that you hear every day, including conversations, the television, and music. You’ll visit Dr. Burk to review the range of modern hearing aid technology, including devices that fit completely inside of the canal, behind the hear, or halfway in the ear. The type of device you choose will likely depend on your lifestyle needs—for instance, are you concerned about the visibility of the hearing aid? After being fitted for various devices, you’ll find one that is most comfortable for the unique shape of your ear.

Hear Better from Now On
If you’ve been struggling with hearing loss, go to an ENT for a hearing test and hearing aid fitting. Call Ear Nose Throat St Peters Balloon Sinuplasty at today to set up an appointment with Dr. Burk at his office in St. Peters, St. Louis, or Bridgeton, MO.