What Is Balloon Sinuplasty And When Is It Needed?

Have you had it with chronic nasal congestion and facial pain? 

You’ve been dealing with chronic sinusitis for months without experiencing relief. You’ve tried over-the-counter and prescription nasal sprays and medications and nothing seems to open up those blocked sinuses. If you’re at your wits’ end you may be wondering if you should turn to our Chesterfield, MO, otolaryngologist Dr. Paul Burk for sinus surgery.

Of course, there is something you should know…

Traditional sinus surgery involves cutting and may even require us to remove tissue and cartilage. It can be a more complicated and elaborate process with a longer recovery time. This is why we offer balloon sinuplasty here at our Chesterfield, MO, practice.

What is balloon sinuplasty? 

Balloon sinuplasty makes it possible for Dr. Burk and his team to be able to treat chronic sinusitis. It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves placing a tiny wire with a light at the end into the sinuses. Then a deflated balloon is inserted into the nose where it is slowly and gently inflated.

The balloon will expand the sinus cavity, allowing our team to be able to properly clean out the sinuses with saline solution and also allow any mucus and bacteria to drain. Once this is complete, the balloon system is removed and you should be able to breathe better instantly.

Who should consider balloon sinuplasty? 

Not everyone will need to turn to balloon sinuplasty to alleviate their symptoms; however, this may be the ideal treatment option for you if,

  • You are dealing with recurring or severe sinus infections that don’t respond to at-home care, medications and other treatment options
  • You are battling significant and painful symptoms such as persistent headaches, facial pain and pressure, and coughing due to your chronic infection
  • Your chronic sinusitis is not caused by structural defects in the nasal cavity such as a deviated septum or the presence of polyps (this problem can still be corrected; however, this will require a different type of procedure)

If you’ve been dealing with chronic or severe sinusitis symptoms, know that our Chesterfield, MO, ENT team is here to help. Call us at (314) 477-4995 to find out if balloon sinuplasty is right for you.

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