Detecting Skin Cancer

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world that affects about 1 in 5 individuals? Fortunately, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 99% of skin cancer cases can be cured if they’re diagnosed and properly treated as soon as possible. This is the reason why thorough skin examinations, performed both at home and by your physician, Dr. Paul Burk here at Ear Nose Throat and Balloon Sinuplasty in Chesterfield, MO, are incredibly crucial.

Early Detection of Skin Cancer Begins With You

Detected and treated early on, skin cancer is highly curable. Accordingly, during its earliest stages of development, you are the one that has the best opportunity to notice any changes in your skin that could indicate skin cancer. This is why the American Cancer Society recommends monthly at-home skin examinations. This is an extremely powerful but simple way to help save your life.

In addition, since different skin cancers come in an array of sizes and shapes, it’s vital to know the symptoms related to common skin cancers, which include squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, pre-cancer actinic keratosis, and Merkel cell carcinoma.

With this in mind, if you spot something out of the ordinary, changing, or new, consult a physician at one of our offices right away. These warning signs include:

  • A brown spot, birthmark, or mole increasing in thickness, size, is larger than a standard pencil eraser, or changes color.
  • A growth that looks black, brown, pearly, tan, multicolored, or transparent and is increasing in size.
  • A lingering, open sore that doesn’t seem to be healing even after three weeks.
  • A sore or sport that doesn’t stop hurting, itching, bleeding, scabbing, or crusting.

Check-In With Your Physician Annually

Obtain a professional, total body skin examination once annually or more regularly if you have a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Remember, early detection can and does save lives, and knowing what you should watch out for will give you the power to spot skin cancer early while it is easily treatable and before it becomes disfiguring, or worse, deadly.

For Questions or Concerns about Skin Cancer, Give Us a Call

You can reach the Ear Nose Throat And Balloon Sinuplasty and schedule an evaluation with Dr. Paul Burk by calling our Chesterfield, MO, office at (314) 477-4995.

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