Dealing With Reoccurring Sinus Infections

Sinus InfectionsWith debilitating symptoms that can adversely affect your quality of life and work performance, sinus infections can make you feel miserable—especially if they happen frequently. Fortunately, there is help for recurring sinus infections.

Led by Dr. Paul E. Burk, Ear Nose Throat St. Peters Balloon Sinuplasty in St. Peters, MI, offer a wide range of ENT services, including an effective treatment for recurring sinus infections: balloon sinuplasty.

More about Balloon Sinuplasty

According to the Centers for Disease Control, chronic sinus problems affect over 12% of people in this country. Chronic sinus infections are unpleasant, painful, and can be debilitating, causing headaches, fever, and other symptoms.

If you are one of the 12% affected by chronic sinus infections, balloon sinuplasty can help. This popular treatment is the perfect choice to treat:

  • Recurrent sinus and nasal problems
  • Recurrent sinus infections
  • Chronic head pain behind your eyes
  • Difficulty breathing through your nose due to nasal blockage

Balloon sinuplasty is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. During treatment, an ultra-thin catheter is inserted into your nostril. This catheter contains a small balloon at the end, and once it reaches the affected area, the balloon is inflated, opening up the sinus passage and allowing you to breathe freely with no sinus congestion.

Balloon sinuplasty has many advantages over conventional sinus surgery, including how it...

  • Is minimally invasive and requires no incisions or sutures
  • Does not cause any scarring or scar tissue
  • Causes less discomfort than conventional sinus surgery
  • Requires little or no downtime because there is very little bruising and swelling

Need Relief? Give Us a Call

Don’t let chronic sinus infections affect your quality of life—balloon sinuplasty can help relieve your painful sinus symptoms. To find out more about treating recurring sinus infections and other nasal and sinus issues, call Ear Nose Throat St. Peters Balloon Sinuplasty in St. Peters, MI, today! Our number is (314) 821-5002

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